Westmoreland Women’s Health Center

To Whom It May Concern.

My experiences with Tim Donohue and OBGYN Search have been excellent. I have had the pleasure to have worked with Tim on recruiting three separate physicians over the past 7 years.

What stands out is that Tim just does not send out CV of a hundred physicians, for you to wade through. Instead, he evaluates your needs as a practice and tries to match a physician that is able to meet your needs along with finding the recruit a position that meets their needs also. Finding a physician that wants to be in your area and in the type of practice that you have.

Tim is also very honest and upfront with what the real possibilities are for finding a physician for your practice at the compensation that you want to pay. He is always available and very easy to reach. I must also say that I have practiced for 20 years and at times have asked Tim about personal issues related to our practice and now hospital employment, that with his years of experience have been helpful in me making business decisions.

He has always came through with a great recruit when we have needs one, and will continue to use his services moving forward.

Hope this is helpful for anyone considering using his services. Feel free to contact me personally, if you need further information.


Dr. James J. Nolfi